Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We have a winner!

Lou had his second game and they beat the Reds! (Probably the only time I'll be excited about the Reds losing.) He got singles his first two times up to bat and struck out the third. The Dodgers overall had a fantastic game. For a couple of innings they batted 10, which is the maximum amount of players allowed to come to a plate in an inning. Out in the field they looked awesome, too, showing that they're learning how to make plays. Jacob, the second baseman, was just a hair away from completing a double play! Have you ever heard of that in Pee-Wee ball?

Not sure if I've shared this with you, but seeing as names are something of interest to me these days, there is a definitely love of "aiden" on this team. Here, Louie is warming up with his teammate, Hayden. On his team, there are also Aiden, Caden, Braydon, and...some other name that would fall into this category. Unbelievable!

Lou started out in right field, which actually sees a lot more action than left field.

Cool guy with the shades! Honestly, I don't know how he can see with the big ol' helmet and Hollywood sunglasses.

Halfway through the game he was moved to third base and played with the same intensity, even though its rare for a ball to go in that direction.

We had a good crowd for this game. Uncle Billy came with Bullet and Bubba; Grandma and Grandpa R. came with Great-Grandpa; and Uncle Joe and Aunt Erin came, even though it was supposed to be their baby's birth day. He or she will be here soon!

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