Monday, May 25, 2009

Those dreaded Indians

Uncle Jay bought tickets a while back to one of the biggest series of the summer--one half of the "Ohio Cup" where the Reds battle the Indians. Daddy took the boys to the game while I stayed home to rest because I have a not-good history of being at games toward the end of my pregnancy.

The boys love Christina, but not when she lets her "inner-Indian" show. She's from up around Cleveland and the boys don't want to help her cheer on the enemy!

Charlie, being his usual goofy self.

Uncle Jay and Louie cheering on the Reds.

The boys get so pumped for the game. This is not Louie stretching, this is a full-body hooray! for the Reds.

The Reds have a great sound guy that knows exactly what song to play or line from a movie to put over the sound system to emphasize a point he's trying to make. When it gets too quiet at a game he plays a line from one of the wedding line dances, "Everybody clap your hands..." and all the fans do as it says. Apparently, there was a lull in the game and Benny decides that he needs to get the crowd riled up. He yells out, "EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS" and all the fans sitting in that section do as they're told. Ben, in turn, buries his head in Kevin's chest out of sheer embarrassment. He forgot for a moment where he was.

Kevin's so funny with the kids. You can tell he's trying to Charlie to say "cheese" really enthusiastically, even though Char can't see him. What's even better is watching him try to get the boys to eat baby food when they were little. He'd "eat" right along with them, moving his mouth so that they'd learn from his motions. So funny.

One of our favorites, Joey Votto, came back after being out sick for about two weeks and hit two home runs! Unfortunately, this was not enough for our beloved Reds to win.

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