Monday, May 25, 2009

Primetime Game

It wasn't a night game, but the Dodgers definitely had a "prime" time for playing Memorial Day weekend. The festival was filled with folks who came over to watch them beat up on the Reds.

Louie went 3-4 this game, and started out playing third, then moved to right field half way through. The experience playing third wasn't his best, as he pulled a Dorn a couple of times and then did his job half-right when he went to cover third to get the force out, but let the ball roll right past where he was just positioned.

The thing the kids were most thrilled with was that they were able to sit in a real dugout!

This lasted a few minutes before they realized it was too hot to be in this close proximity.

Of course, after the game Charlie had to go out on the field and show the big boys how it's done. Thanks to Uncle Jay and Christina for coming out to support the Dodgers!

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