Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Charlie Story

Charlie's teacher stopped me when I picked him up today and she was giggling. Apparently she had to tell Charlie a couple of times to keep his hands to himself and be quiet when they were in circle today.

Why was she laughing? you ask. I think both she and the assistant teacher are in such shock because it took them months to get Louie and Benny to participate and then talk in class, and now you have this kid who doesn't even seem to be from the same family with his outgoing-ways.

I'm glad she's laughing about it now!


I was driving home Charlie and a girl who lives on the street after school today when a conversation started up behind me.

"Aye-aye, Captain!" says Charlie.
"Charlie, are you the captain?" asks Anna.
"Then say what I say, 'Aye-aye, Mateys!'"
"No. Aye-aye, captain!"
"Ok, then I'll be the captain. Aye-aye, Mateys!"
"I'm the captain!"

And then it repeated. All the way until we got home.

It took me until we got home to realize that I think Charlie believes he is saying I-I, Captain. So, when looking at it that way I can see how he could be confused.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Can you feel the excitement ready to explode from the fans?!

A few weeks back I had requested tickets for Tuesday because by then we'd be finished with our basement and we could do something on a weeknight that didn't consist of paint, stain or power tools. Little did I know how much this one game would mean!!

We left Meredith with a friend because she has not gotten to the point where she enjoys going to the games (not yet!) and this was too important to have to walk her around the stadium. If the Reds beat the Astros they were going to be the 2010 National League, Central Division Champs! We were all pumped up for the game, as well as layered up with Reds gear so that we wouldn't freeze. We weren't going to leave until it was all over!

Ninety percent of the pictures taken on the post are courtesy of Kevin. I can not be left responsible for taking pictures at such a momentous event. They'd all be blurry, or only of a players feet. This is a picture of Aroldis Chapman coming onto the field. He didn't disappoint. He came in and blew away Houston! Evidence of this:

I love it! They played the theme music of the Top Gun movie and whenever he threw a pitch 100-miles-an-hour or higher they put it up on the jumbotron. (If you can't read the bottom line it says, "I feel the need...the need for speed!")

Chapman got the side out with no damage done and now it was our turn--Rally Time! We were tied at 2 going into the bottom of the ninth.

Although a bit chilly, Louie--wearing his Jay Bruce #32 jersey--put on his rally cap!

Jay really needed a hit. He was 0-3 on the night and this was the biggest game for his team of his young career. One pitch. One swing of the bat. One ball landing on the lawn in centerfield, at least a 400-foot shot. Not too shabby.

The already standing crowd was electrified! Screams and shouts of exhilaration could be heard from every corner of the ballpark while the Redlegs emptied the dugout to tackled Jay at home. And then it came: BRUUUUUUCE! The pitchers and catchers ran out of the bullpen to meet their teammates. It was one huge mess of guys that reflected what everyone in the stands was feeling. We won! We finally did it!

Even though it was way past the boys bed time, we stayed in our seats to watch replays of the homerun and the aftermath on one side of a split screen, and then saw what was going on in the players' lockeroom on the other half. How often we see other teams celebrate in this manner, their lockers covered in large sheets of plastic to protect their stuff from the exploding bottles of bubbly, and now it was our turn!

I took a picture of Kevin and the boys outside the stadium with a picture of Scott Rolen in the back. (I apologize for the graininess of the picture but I wanted to lighten it up so you can see the stadium!)

We were lucky enough to park near Fountain Square, where thousands of fans came to extend the celebration into the night. It was such a neat thing to see, to be a part of.

Watch this. He knew it was gone the moment the ball left his bat.

It's a great day to be a Cincinnatian.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Worth a Shot

For months now I've been seeing images of rainbow cakes and rainbow pancakes. I've been dying to try it because it seemed like a relatively easy thing to do that makes such a big impression! My mom's birthday was the 21st and mine was the 26th and we got together on Sunday to celebrate. What better time to try it out?

This weekend, however, we were having people over to celebrate the finishing of our basement (only two years in the making!) so I had to do this on Friday morning and hope that it survived, as well as not be too dried out by Sunday.

I like to give myself a challenge, so to start off I used two round cake pans that are slightly different sizes and definitely different shapes (one may be a pie pan because it has somewhat tilted sides to it). All the examples I've seen haven't given any clues about how to approach making this cake other than one site that said she used Wilton tints. I don't remember what site it was, but it was such a great suggestion! I've never used them before (found at places like JoAnn's, Michael's and Hobby Lobby), but with the coupon I used it work a thousand times better than the Betty Crocker food coloring from the grocery store. I loved the vibrancy of all the colors and you didn't have to use much to reach that level.

Icing it was the major problem. I wanted it to be covered in white icing so that when my mom cut into it, it was a surprise. With every other layer a different size, it didn't cover that well and I was afraid that the surprise was ruined. Most people thought that it was a strawberry cake because the red layer showed through better than the others.

But it was a hit because I don't think most people had ever seen layers so colorful. My dad remarked that it looked like a cake that a kindergartner would color, and I took that as a compliment! Yes, it's pretty sloppily made, but the colors show through and that was my goal!

A Future Cowboy?

We don't get to see the Reds play on television very often, and that's not a bad thing because we truly love listening to the game on the radio. I'm not sure if all cities have beloved announcers, but here in our house Marty Brennaman and Jeff "The Cowboy" Brantley are revered.

Brantley played a number of years in the majors, spending a good amount them with the Reds. One of the things I remember from when he was first hired on at wlw was the story he told about how he and his dad would sit in the car in their driveway and move it around until they got a good signal to listen to the Reds game--in Alabama! He won me over right then and there. He also told how he originally wanted to be a broadcaster, but was blessed with an arm that allowed him to pitch before he entered the broadcast booth.

Well folks, Louie maybe the second coming of The Cowboy. I'm not sure if he'll make it to the big leagues or not, but it is neat to watch him call the play-by-play of the games with his brothers, and even if he is by himself he calls the game. Maybe it's because we don't watch as much baseball as we listen to that has given him the ability to think like a baseball announcer. Regardless, it's a neat thing to watch, hear and wonder what the future holds for him.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Char the Builder

I was joking with Kevin, calling myself "Handy Annie" because of all the new types of jobs I'm learning how to do in connection with finishing the basement. Charlie has been a great help--especially when I'm holding a piece in place, about to screw it in and realize that the screwdriver isn't within my reach!

I found his tool box that has been stored away with the many of his toys while we've been working down there. He was pretty excited to have his own set of tools that look a lot like the real thing!
Charlie just informed me that my name is Wendy (Bob's partner), but I have to stay at home and work. Argh! Where does he get these ideas?!

Tiny Singer

This morning I heard a sound coming from down the hall. Miss Meredith was up bright and early not upset and crying, but singing a song. What a beautiful thing to hear to start off the day! Mere loves music and songs and anything that makes a beat. She hears music everywhere and I feel especially blessed when she shares her tune with me.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life Lessons

Today is the 114th birthday of Walter Breuning of Montana, the world's oldest man. Every morning he gets up and does calisthenics and afterward puts on a suit. I think this says two things: you have got to keep your body moving to stay healthy, and you need to place importance in your appearance. Not that you need to dress to the nines every day, or even that what you're wearing makes you a better person, but I believe that when you take care of yourself, your appearance included, you believe each day is important enough to look your best.

Here is a quote from him:
"Be good to everybody, be kind to everybody, and help other people,” Breuning said. “The more you do for other people, the better you are going to help yourself. Every day is a good day and make it that way."
He says that his only regret is that he didn't enlist for World War I and by the time WWII came around he was too old. But probably what stuck with me the most is when he said that what has helped him survive the most is his ability to accept change. This is something that I am working on, for myself. As much as I like the changes of seasons, other changes I don't do so well with. I'm going to take Mr. Bruening's comment to heart.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Now Appearing in the Lounge...

I get tired of repeating myself. It's probably my biggest pet peeve about parenting. It's extremely frustrating to not be heard, and when you're dealing with kids they're the biggest culprits of tuning a person out.

My kids need reminding about everything--where the dirty clothes go; that we need to put shoes on now; and, unfortunately, they need to be reminded to wash their hands. I've gotten to the point where I'm so frustrated with their not listening that I've begun singing in order to get the message across. I usually take a tune and put some random words together.

Today, Charlie got to enjoy "Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands" to the tune of "Take Me out to the Ball Game." I'm not a musically-inclined person so no, it didn't really follow the tune very well but Mere liked it and was bopping along with the beat in Charlie's face to make sure he got the message.

I think Meredith and I may have a calling ;)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soccer Update

I realized that I haven't made any posts about the boys' soccer. They are a few weeks into the season and really enjoying it.

Benny is in the Instructional league, so they play 3-on-3 on a field about a 1/4 of a regular soccer field, maybe smaller. He loves it. He doesn't get the strategy and footwork all the time, but he's really aggressive and quick so that makes up for a lot. He's also extremely expressive. He looks like those guys you see on the Sportscenter clips of soccer--throwing up his hands in defeat after an opposing player scores on him. It's very entertaining.

Louie has moved up to Passers and it is played 7-on-7. This has gotten very exciting for the spectators! Louie has made a name for himself as a long kicker. He's got good hand-eye coordination and can shoot the ball halfway to the goal. I haven't figured out if the field is regulation-sized (I'm guessing not), but they have a goalie and positions. Louie has played all the positions and has done pretty well.

The agony I have been feeling during these games is almost too much. They finally get the ball down field and then it's turned around without even an attempt on the goal. How can people do this to themselves week after week? Do I sound like a typical American? I imagine that the longer the boys play the more I'll understand and the more I'll see that it's a game more than just about scoring goals. And I think Mere is going to have a strong left kick so I better hurry up and learn something!

I'll post pictures soon.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Sound of Penguins

I've probably mentioned it before, but a favorite television show in our house when I was growing up was The Cosby Show. Heathcliff Huxtable was such an interesting dad, a combination of stern but quirky. One of this quirks was that he hated when the kids left the refrigerator door open. He would yell to them, "Quick! Shut the door! Or else the penguins will get loose!"

I have adapted the penguins into my parenting because I've learned that a kid will sit in front of the fridge with the doors open for a half hour, if you let him. We have a fridge that beeps to let you know that it is open. Yes, it can sometimes be obvious as well annoying (when you're just trying to get the groceries put away!), but it is good because the main compartment has French doors that if you don't close one at a time don't shut all the way and you wouldn't want that milk to go bad.

Charlie now believes that the incessant beeping is the sound of penguins attempting escape! He yells at me to hurry and shut the doors or else they'll get out. I try to tell him that I just need to put the eggs and cheese away and then I'll shut them. He cannot be dissuaded from his mission. The penguins cannot come out.

Go-Go-Go-Go on an Adventure!

The last few years I've been extremely impressed with the television being produced on PBS-Kids. They've managed to create shows that are a lot of fun while educating--not secretly, just showing that learning can be fun--and (this is the best part) it's not a chore for parents to watch along.

This fall, the only new show that has come out is The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot about That. I've always been a fan of the Dr. Seuss books, their silly pictures, fun language and introduction to a new and different ideas. The show so far has been pretty good, touching a lot on science ideas and using your imagination. It's entertaining and has a catchy tune (sometimes too catchy and it's stuck in my head the rest of the day).

One thing I haven't made a decision about is the voice of The Cat. It's Martin Short. I've never been a big fan. I loved his role in The Three Amigos but other than that I find him kind of annoying. The jury's still out on him, but it's not so bad that it takes away from the show. Along those same lines, I was surprised with some of the voices, namely the fish in the bowl that accompanies the kids, Nick and Sally and The Cat. It just wasn't what I thought the voice should sound like. But, with all books that are made into TV shows or movies, good or bad, things aren't always what you expect them to be.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today was not a good day. Exhaustion has permeated every pore of my boys' bodies. Nothing helped--not snacks, not a nap (only because it's near impossible to get them to take one these days), not a favorite movie, not running around the backyard. We're all at the end of our ropes.

This carried over into dinner. Benny decided that he didn't want to eat his food, but he wanted the leftover sundae that Grandma and Grandpa had brought him the night before. He flipped out, screaming, "I WANT MY SUNDAE! I WANT MY SUNDAE! I WANT MY SUNDAE!" and I was just glad that we weren't out in public because I could ignore him until he settled down. I've learned from experience that you cannot reason with a child when they are so wrapped up in anger and frustration. Honestly, they don't even want that thing that they so desperately scream that they do.

Case in point: Louie was getting ready to take a shower and asked if there was any underwear in the laundry basket sitting next to me. Benny, fuming that I was answering Lou and not him, screamed even louder, "I WANT MY UNDERWEAR!!!"

We all burst into laughter, even Benny for a moment before he realized he was supposed to be mad.

Finding Her Way

Another trip to Sharon Woods and Miss Meredith is gaining more and more confidence. Sometimes, a little too much for her momma! I don't have a picture of it, but she was scaling these rocks in just seconds.

Thought for the day (Don't think)

Contemplation often makes life miserable. We should act more, think less and stop watching ourselves live.

A major part of who I am is a thinker. In that, I think about things too much. Probably connected to my inability to sleep very well. Ok, directly connected to it. As a parent, I am constantly questioning my decisions on everything and worrying about how these things will affect the kids down the road.

I think this quotation is a good reminder that I need to think less and just enjoy this time with my family.

A Rose by Any Other Name?

I've been told that my three boys' names are like three old men. I'm ok with that. I'm into the old fashioned names, and I like when siblings' names "go together." But how much does a name influence how you approach life? By having "old man" names, do the boys do things that other kids with more modern names wouldn't do, or vise versa? Here is a story told to me secondhand by Louie's friend's dad:

Louie got a ride to practice last night by his buddy's dad. On the way to practice Sam was telling his dad about how his mom was getting frustrated with him and his brother when they were getting into the car earlier that day. When she said something to the two of them, a group of teens walking by thought she was talking to them and had a response for her--one that included a "bad" word.

As the dad was taking it in, Louie responded, "Well, you know Sam...sometimes in life you're going to come across people like that."

And there you have it. Wisdom from the "old man's" mouth.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Goes On

I have beef with "outlet" stores. I feel like the only service they are providing is one of sticking a group of popular retail stores in one spot. I rarely find the deals that warrant driving there.

Today was different.

Meredith and I happened upon a store that I haven't seen nor seen advertised before.Very simply, it is called Restaurant Supply Store and is labeled as an "outlet." They stick to this. I found some incredible deals today and am thrilled that we found the store. The manager was very helpful, and I think we may have found the bar stools for our (almost) finished basement! But what's great is that there are so many wonderful things to use in the kitchen and for entertaining. I have a feeling that I'll be making many visits to this place in the future.

So that's what happens when the three boys go to school. Mere and I have some free time to go shopping and she's learning what a thrill it is to find a great deal!

I'm a Big Kid Now!

This picture makes it seem like Char-Bear is a little nervous about going to school. That was not the case whatsoever.

We get there and he says, "I love preschool!" already. He drops off this bookbag in his cubby, takes his teacher's hand and says, "I'll see you in a couple hours." I had to stop him to give him a hug! Louie and Benny stuck to my leg until I pried them, and then they were fine, but they didn't go willingly into the room. This kid is ready!

This has been three years in the making. He's wanted a bookbag and has wanted to go to school like his brothers for as long as he can remember. No fear. Meredith may be worse. She bee-lined into the classroom as we were trying to take this shot. They may need to institute a 2-year-old class so she doesn't flip out next school year!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Belated Father's Day

Kevin and the boys took Grandpa to a Reds game yesterday for some good ol' fashioned boy-time. Plenty of hot dogs, peanuts and sunshine were on hand. Unfortunately, the Reds didn't want to cooperate in the specialness of the day and decided to blow it in the last inning, but with the great weather and company, everyone had a great time.

Meredith, Grandma and I had some good ol' fashioned girl-time of our own. We went to the new Cancun's restaurant in Norwood, and then spent the afternoon at the zoo before stopping by Uncle Nate's. Grandma got to witness Meredith's sheer exhilaration at seeing the animals as well as the talent she's developing as a singer. Both definitely need to be seen!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting Dirty on the Job

The boys have been begging to paint down in the basement. Really, to do anything down there. I think originally we were going to let them put some primer on the walls or something like that, but now the painting is completely done and there really isn't anything down there that we were ok with them doing.

That's when we spied the box of scrap wood that has been collecting in a corner. When I was little my grandpa did a lot of woodworking and would give my siblings and I his scrapwood to paint. I loved it. We'd find oddly-shaped pieces, use our imaginations to figure out what that piece wanted to be and then paint it.

So, when Kevin and I were painting, staining, and dry-walling the basement, the boys set up shop at a kid's size table right in the middle of all our work and got down to the business of painting wood. Don't be surprised if you get a brightly colored (animal/car/building) made out of wood for Christmas. They're very proud of their work.

And extremely dirty!

Why is Charlie in his underwear? He didn't want to put on "old clothes" so he decided that wearing the unds was good enough. His bottom then became his napkin, so to speak. Thank goodness for washable paints!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Nine years have passed and what I remember is that my response was one of sheer shock. That this didn't happen here. And, where do we go from here?

I was teaching in a high school when I got a call in my classroom. I was teaching a small group of students that period in a room that was fairly small itself, and it didn't have a television in it. I misunderstood the call. A plane crashed into a building in New York. A terrible tragedy, but worth calling in the middle of class?

The bell rang and the halls were abuzz as I went to my next class where there was a television that I immediately turned on and my large group of students gathered around. A student with a normally large presence in the class came into the room shouting, "We're goin' to war!" I genuinely liked this student and was completely shocked by his response. So many people had just died, the unknowns were many, and his response was pure exhilaration that a war was in our future. It made me sick to my stomach.

How do you find joy in a day that so many people lives were lost, so many families were affected, everything you know has lost its frame of reference? Yes, he was only 15-years-old and I'm sure he was excited for the US to show it strength and muscle...but how do we help our children understand compassion? How do we help them see that an "eye for an eye" is not the answer? I was at such a loss for what to do or say at that moment. Maybe still today.

What I remember today are the people who worked to save the people under the rubble, searching through the dust and wreckage to find their neighbors. There were no no desks, no filing cabinets, no door knobs, nothing. It was all vaporized. I cannot imagine what that must have been like, and yet these everyday citizens went in with hope that they could help someone out of this mess.

I left school to go to the house where I was staying with the two kids I was taking care of while their parents were on a cruise. They came home from school that day and we parked in front of the television for the rest of the day. The parents were out of the country, scared out of their minds. What were they to expect? What will happen? We got a frantic call from them, from this trip they can planned with their brothers and sisters and now they were forced to stay out of the country until things cooled off, until the country got a grasp of what was going on. It was like the world froze and watched the televised reports from what was to be called Ground Zero and the Pentagon. It was a scary feeling to feel this helpless.

Nine years have passed and it is a collective agreement that our world is a different place since September 11, 2001. And yet, Kevin and I have gotten married and had four kids in that time. We have one niece and have one on the way. There have been other marriages, graduations, other celebrations. Things are different now than they were on September 10th of that year, but it is not all bad. Time passes and I remember what happened, and am deeply affected by it. And maybe one of the ways I am affected is that I am raising my kids in a way that I hope they are able to put themselves in the shoes of those who are different than them, able to see that we, as citizens of this world, have more in common with one another than we have differences. Or to have empathy for the tragedies and struggles of their neighbor. I want my children to have compassion, understanding, have faith that we can be a better people.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Spring has always had the distinction of being "the season of rebirth," and as much as I agree, fall has a similar effect for me. The crisp air, the coppery colors, the warmer clothing all have a rejuvenating effect on me.

Maybe it's the start of school, back into a routine and schedule. Maybe it's the anticipation of fun fall events like football games, bonfires and going to harvest festivals at farms. Whatever it is, my kids have caught the fever as well. Every day they want to get out the massive amount of decorations that I have for this time of year. The only reason we haven't yet is because I like to make sure the house is tidy before getting out stuff that despite the fact that I believe we are enhancing, really does clutter up the place!

So, with two weeks into the school year, we're starting to get a handle on the day-to-day life of having two youngin's in school full-time, homework, practices, meetings and all the other things that come into play. Soon we'll have the house decorated to welcome in this new season.

I am so glad that we live somewhere that we get to experience all the wonderful changes of the seasons!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It Feels Like Home

Today we had Charlie's Open House where he met his teachers, Miss Sue and Miss Becky. They were so excited to meet him, as they have seen Charlie grow from a pudgy little baby into a big boy.

It was nice to be back. I'm sure the boys' elementary school will feel like this one day, but we haven't spent enough time there. We know almost all the teachers at the preschool and the director, their stories and backgrounds. We know many families who have sent their kids to school with our kids and now have some in Charlie's class. Coming back here, starting a new year with this community is such a wonderful feeling.

As we were walking into the building this morning Charlie looks up at me and says, "I'm happy to be here." And that's all you could ask for in a school.

Labor Day Tradition

My Uncle John and Aunt Mary put on quite a production every Labor Day weekend. They have a great piece of land about 45 minutes away from us that they have shaped into their own. Every year there is a neat addition that they have obviously put a lot of work into. The log cabin, the pole barn, the pond, the landscaping--it's all gorgeous and such a nice place to visit. I can't imagine what it must be like to live there, coming home each night to a resort home!

This year my friend Katie was in town from L.A., so we wanted to get her reacquainted with the Midwest and there's no better way to do that than to go out to my aunt and uncle's. We got there late afternoon, setting up the tents while the boys got to work on catching fish. They absolutely love being out there, whether they're fishing, hitting golf balls up the hill or playing their version of pool. It's so much fun for kids and adults.

The green girls--Katie, Meredith and Lisa

The boys' version of pool consists of a free-for-all of rolling the balls to smack others in the holes. No pool sticks are involved. Somewhat good, somewhat not. Or maybe I should replace "good" with "safe."

There's a contest to see who can hit the ball closest to the pin up on the hill, over the pond. I should have done a better job of photographing the land so you have a better idea of what's going on!

Jimmy was just one of many successful fishers--Rosemary won with 15 fish caught!

Gracie had fun, that is, until someone gave Meredith a brownie and Mere started pushing Gracie around like she was her brother. Poor Grace!

Not too hard to put down three little boys who ran and ran and ran until they ran out of gas. Fresh, country air helps too!

Thanks Aunt Mary and Uncle John for another wonderful Labor Day campout!

Fall Frenzy

If you haven't heard, the Cincinnati Reds are preparing to enter the post-season for the first time since 1995. It's been a long time coming but the fans are ready for it. One person who is going to help us is this guy:

Aroldis Chapman

They call him the Cuban Missile and it's not hard to see why:

Kevin and I had the opportunity to see this guy in action in the diamond seats at a Reds game last week. We had an awesome time and we're all looking forward the the coming months. The boys have been going to bed at night listening to the games on 700, dreaming of what's to come for the Redlegs.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's a Different World

Today we set off for the zoo to meet our friends Owen and Owen. And sans Louie and Benny. Such a weird thing, but no one seemed to mind (don't tell the older brothers!).

Actually, Charlie and Eli had a great time together I'm sure that there were people who thought they might be brothers themselves. I know these guys missed their brothers, but I also think that it is something that all younger siblings secretly desire: the chance to make decisions. Where to go, what animals to see, when to eat lunch. When all the guys are together their opinions get pushed to the wayside.

It was such a great trip, the boys entertained themselves, Meredith got a kick out of all the animals and enjoyed the train--as long as I was holding her, and Amanda and I got to hang out. Win-win-win situation for everyone!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To be or Not to be Sad

Charlie has his moments, but overall I think he's adjusted quite nicely to not having his two big brothers around. He likes being the big brother for Meredith and I'm sure he likes not having to fight for toys. Although, I really think that he misses having two guys to antagonize. That seems to be his specialty these days.

We go to the grocery (a relatively easy task now), we go to the park (Charlie was proud that he could climb up there all by himself), and we do age-appropriate activities for Charlie and Meredith (play games, watch Sesame Street).

It's been a nice transition. The summer was a lot of fun and we definitely miss the big guys, but there's something about routine and schedule that makes things flow more smoothly. The two little ones aren't getting the naps they deserve, but I'm thinking that it is just a fact of life for kids who have older siblings.

Charlie will soon be starting preschool, which is something he loves to talk about. He's excited to have a bookbag and wants to meet this Miss Sue and Miss Becky that his brothers always talk about. More changes are on there way...