Monday, May 4, 2009

The little one don't feel good

Yesterday afternoon, after Charlie woke up from his nap he started with the signs of not feeling well. I am attributing it to the fact that he is teething. Classic signs: never-ending running nose and diaper rash. Then he woke up with a slight fever. We went to my brother's birthday party anyway and that's when he wouldn't let me or Kevin put him down.

It's so hard to see him like this because usually he's such a happy kid, being so goofy, that this was completely out of character for him. He hasn't let go of his blankie since this began. He's also very peculiar about this blanket. One side has stripes and the other is all blue. The blue side is kind of a puckered fleece, so maybe that's why he prefers the stripes. Anyway, he very meticulously lays the blanket on my shoulder--stripe side up--and then lies his head on top. Whatever brings the little guy comfort!

And today, still not feeling well, when Louie woke up from a nap he ran over and gave his big brother a big hug. Not sure if he's getting better or not, but that boy is one sweet kid.

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