Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Possible Child?

I tried a "tool" to see what our baby might look like and was completely freaked out by it. The gender-less child looks nothing like the three we have and it is staring at the camera strangely. I was kind of hoping for one of those Conan O'Brien-type dealies where they take different body parts and it looks so funny, combining adult pieces to put together a baby.

No, this was disturbing. And I also took a couple of gender prediction quizzes tonight. One said 85% chance I'm having a boy and the other said 60% chance I'm having a girl. To be honest, I felt like the quiz where I'm having a girl had confusing questions, so it could just be that I didn't know how to answer them. Regardless, all that stuff is bologna. It only took four pregnancies to figure that out!

And as to the reason for such a late night posting, Charlie was up late, wide awake. And even though I've put him down a bit ago, I can't seem to get tired, but now I'm getting there. I just hope I don't dream of freaky babies.

P.S. As of this evening, Joe and Erin's baby has yet to arrive. Erin said at her appointment today her doctor thought she was still too high and scheduled an ultrasound for next Monday. I pray that she has a restful week and is able to find a chair that makes her comfortable!

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