Friday, May 15, 2009

A Beautiful Day for a Ballgame

We lucked out with the weather at the Xavier baseball game this time around, and we had better luck finding a parking spot! Amanda and Owen met us for the XU game versus UD and when we got there we found a really good crowd. It took a few minutes, but we did find a shady place in the stands to watch the game.

Daddy is from Dayton, and so Louie and Benny decided that they were rooting for the Flyers. This didn't impress Owen who was whole-heartedly rooting for the Muskies. I imagine it doesn't make much sense to root against a team where you're from. Of course, there have been people known to root against the Buckeyes even though they live in Ohio. To each their own.

The rally caps came out! Dayton was down the entire game, but in the seventh they started come back and at this point they had the bases loaded with two down. A very exciting game!

Charlie will play baseball whenever and wherever we go. Here is the lucky dog who gets to wear his big brother's Reds jersey. Fortunately, we didn't have to worry about him running the bases and falling flat on his face because of the obscenely large shirt.

We left a bit early, and heard later that Louie and Benny's rally caps weren't enough for the Flyers to come back and win it. Maybe next time!

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Amanda said...

I actually think that not rooting for Ohio State when you grew up less than an hour away is indicative of someone completely self-confident and secure in herself. Just a thought. (And of course, not talking about anyone in particular.)