Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun times, even without a win

We have been wanting to go to a business day special with Amanda and Owen for a while now, and I realized a couple weeks back that we better plan this before the baby arrives! Aunt Joanie treated us to great seats down along the first base line and we were fortunate to have some really great weather!

Owen was a lucky dog this day. Here is Corey, from the Reds, prepping him for the Skyline Chili "Step Up to the Mic" where kids get to announce who is leading off for the Reds in the bottom of the third. I guess Corey was looking for a kid to do it; Joanie said that she knew some kids; he asked if they could read; she said, "No, but they can talk!" I guess they like to have the kid read the player's name off of a sheet, but Owen did fantastic, as you can see in the video at the bottom!

It wasn't long before I had both Benny and Charlie on my lap. Benny conked out first. Charlie wasn't sleeping until the end of the game, but that doesn't mean he was a happy camper.

Having them on my lap kind of inhibited on my picture taking activities, so I apologize for the lack of exciting shots!

Louie, refreshing himself with a juice pouch while watching the Reds get pummeled.

Amanda saved the day. After Ben woke up Lou and Ben were getting antsy in the heat and Amanda offered to take them for a walk. Unfortunately, they missed this:

But they did have a great excursion. They went looking for Mr. Redlegs and while doing so ran into a hometown Reds great, Chuck Harmon, who gave each boy an autographed baseball card! The boys each shook his hand and said thank you, according to Amanda. A man then came up to Benny and offered him the foul ball he caught. In classic Benny form, he said no, and then Owen came up with the right response: "I'll take it!" he said enthusiastically. Ben now realizes that he missed out, but is glad that Owen got the ball. Then (as if it could get any better), Miss Amanda got each boy their own Reds mini-bat, which in the boys' mind gave Amanda THE COOLEST MOMMY OF THE YEAR award.

We left a bit early, as we had a hike ahead of us: at a 7th St. parking garage on the west side of the square. I was a bit nervous, as on the way down Ben was complaining and we were going downhill, in the shade. Goodness. Fortunately, the boys were on cloud nine, not even realizing we left early and that their beloved team was losing (it ended up being 12-5).

I'm sure you can see why. They were pretty pumped about imitating their favorite stars. It was definitely a good day.

(He says, "Leading off for the Reds, the shortstop, Paul Janish!")

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