Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another one bites the dust

This game was a struggle to get ready for. I was already frazzled after a long day, then I got the call that Joe and Erin were at the hospital and I couldn't think of anything else! I couldn't find Louie's uniform, the boys were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and Kevin was going to have to meet us at the field. It was not a good day for multitasking.

We get to the field on time, after having to search the house high and low for Louie's glove, only to realize that once we got there he didn't have his hat. Goodness. So I dropped him off and then headed back home, getting to the field while the kids were still warming up. I sent Ben over to hand Lou his hat and realized that I didn't tuck Louie's shirt in. I just like a neat-looking ballplayer!

Apparently the Dodgers are doing really well, leading the league in wins. Tonight was a special game, as Louie was awarded with the game ball by his coach. I was talking to Kevin while Ben and Charlie ran around the field and Louie's team sat on the bench listening to the coach talk. I kind of heard the coach say something about Louie and thought I misheard, so I didn't think much of it. Then I saw him hand Lou a ball. He was given it because he always listens really well to his coaches (a pretty big feat for this age group, apparently), works hard, and never asks to play a certain position. What is so funny about it is, Louie remembers that at the beginning of the season Coach told the kids not to ask to play any certain place, so he never has. However, he would love to be the catcher and begged Kevin to ask his coach for him. Needless to say, keeping the game ball was more important than asking if he could try out a new position. But Lou did say to me, "I think I'll tell Coach that if he needs a catcher, I've been practicing and I'll be willing to do it."

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