Thursday, May 28, 2009

Louie's Number One!

Playing the Yankees was a big game for Louie last night. The Dodgers were visitors and so the first thing I notice is that they have my super-fast son in the one-spot. I guess there's not a whole lot of strategy that goes into the lineup at this level. He did great and led the game off with a hard-hit single to right field.

Then, when the Dodgers took the field Louie was playing first base! Joey Votto and Daddy are the first basemen in Louie's mind and he wants to be just like them. So when the opportunity came to play he was pretty excited. At one point, the pitcher tossed him the ball, he made the out, looked where Daddy was standing in the outfield and gave him the "thumbs up" sign. Without smiling, of course.

His next at-bat he crushed it into the outfield, getting a double! It was his second of the season and probably the highlight of his night. The thing about batting first is that you do get more opportunities at the plate and he ended up going 4 for 4. Not too bad!

So, for batting first and playing first, this was a pretty special night for Lou. They have two games scheduled left, but they'll make up a rainout from earlier this season, and at one of those games they play the Orioles, so they'll tack on the innings they didn't finish from the game that was interupted earlier this week. If you need information on any of these games please let me know!

Thank you to Grandma R, Grandpa M and Elizabeth for not being scared off by the rain and seeing this great game!

The inning hasn't begun yet, but this guy is waiting intensely.

Charlie is just biding his time...

Louie on first

Louie fielding at first

The Dodger Team

We think it's good for our kids' development for them to play under powerlines.

Creamed the ball and got a double!

At second

Moved out to right field

Go Dodgers!

The 1st Baseman in action!

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