Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here comes the rain

The kid in the foreground may be predicting what's to come. These are pictures of Louie's one and only at-bat (a single) versus the Orioles.

Halfway through the game dark clouds rolled in and then a large bolt of lightning split the sky.

The game was over. The boys ran off the field, shook hands with their opponents, but didn't leave the premises without making sure they got their snack and drink!

The funniest part about the game was that even though the skies were dark almost the whole time we were there, Louie had to show off how "big time" he was by wearing his Hollywood sunglasses. What a goober ;)

Thanks so much to Aunt Jill and Uncle Nick, Grandma and Grandpa H, Uncle Jeff, and Grandma R for coming out for the abbreviated game!

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