Friday, May 29, 2009

And so it begins?

Last night Lou slept walk last night. I guess I should say, technically it was a 3am. This is something that runs in my family. My brother and sister did, and my dad before them, and I can only wonder how far back it goes. We have some pretty good stories about my brother sleep walking. One that sticks out is the time that he tried to hurl football helmets at me. Luckily they missed, but the good thing is that he wasn't mad at me while doing it.

(I just realized what I typed for my first sentence, but I'm going to keep it because it emphasizes the state of delirium I am in.)

I awoke to Louie screaming at the top of his lungs at the top of the steps, which Benny slept through and Charlie woke up to, joining in the screamfest. It's enough to put one in labor! I ran up the steps, and fortunately was able to put Louie to bed fairly easily, but Charlie was another story. That kid was wide awake and any time he did lie his head on my chest, make any gesture that seemed to me he was sleeping, I'd take him up the steps only to get up five of them before he starting screaming. It was a long night.

So, we may be in for some really good stories for now on with Louie's taking of the torch o' sleepwalking, and Charlie is certainly doing a great job in preparing me for the coming of Child4. What great kids!

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