Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Heat Stroke

Right now, Ben has on an undershirt, a long-sleeve shirt, and a Reds button-down jersey with long pants and socks. The long-sleeve shirt he has on is one of those dealies where it appears as two shirts, one short-sleeved and then there are long sleeves underneath. He takes pride in dressing himself.

I do not know where he comes from. Granted, I'm twelve days away from my due date and it's natural for pregnant people to be overly hot during this time, but in general Kevin and I don't get cold very easily. We like our ceiling fans and, when we stay in hotels the room can get quite arctic-like. I'm not sure where this kid came from. Louie and Charlie seem to be more like us, in that they tend to be on the warmer end of the spectrum, and I'm sure if Charlie could talk he'd say that he'd like to run around in just his diaper.

Just looking at Ben is giving me a heat stroke.

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