Friday, May 22, 2009

Once again, the Red Sox

The Dodgers play each team in the league three times. This is the third game versus the Red Sox, one we thought would be our biggest foes, but turns out we beat them pretty handily after the first game.

Louie got his biggest hit of the season this game, crushing it out to the outfield! This at bat, however, was one where he hit a single. He ended up going 4 for 4.

He played 3rd most of the game. He doesn't seem to be crazy about it, but I think that's because he doesn't have a favorite player for the Reds who plays there (he has many "favorites"), probably because it's not a very stable position for the Redlegs.

He had a great play where he fielded the ball cleanly and threw a bullet over to first, but he was a second late and the player was safe. Louie is so funny playing the field. He wants to be in on every play. For instance, if he is playing in left field and the play is taking place in right, he will run all the way over to right field, just in case his services are needed. So far, no one seems to mind. I guess he's taking "back up" to heart.

Thanks to Grandma H, Uncle Nate, Grandma and Grandpa R, and Grandpa M and Elizabeth for coming out to the game!

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