Monday, May 11, 2009

Is it possible to be nesting already?

The last month for me has been pretty idle. Meaning: I feel like I've done absolutely nothing around the house. The few activities that take us out of the house have wiped me out and when we get home I can barely stay awake. This has led to a bunch of laundry! Over the weekend I did something like 23 loads and I ironed quite a bit of clothes, as well.

Kevin is convinced that I am nesting.

I'm not sure if that is possible just yet. There is still 27 more days to go and so much to do before the little one gets here. I'll just say the need for the family to have underwear trumped the need for me to sleep. And I've been feeling more than a little guilty about not doing my share of the chores. Kevin has been, as usual, unbelievable with helping me get through the pregnancy. I am very fortunate to have such a helpful husband!

Kev and the boys gave me a very nice Mother's Day. After church they had to go run errands and when they came back, they knocked on the door and each of the boys was holding a beautiful potted flower in their hands, saying "Happy Mother's Day!" It was really cute, and I can't wait to get them planted and placed on the front porch!

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