Sunday, May 3, 2009

Everything's better out in the country

My two closest friends from college do not live all that close to me. This past Saturday we made plans to go visit one of them, who lives a little over two hours away. This was the first time I had seen their new home, a farm house, which is absolutely perfect for little boys. Good thing we had plenty of those to go around! Jenni and Ed have two--Trent and Nick--and of course, our little guys were in heaven.

The daddies were great and volunteered to take the boys out in the jeep to go visit the next farm over, whose cows had just given birth. The mommies were able relax and chat, and not worry that this is an old Army jeep with no seat belts or any kind of safety devices :)

Trent, Benny & Louie

Checking out the mama cows because the calves were no where to be found

Have you ever seen so much corn before?

Charlie, looking to make a new friend with his corn cob

This was a completely new world for these city boys and they enjoyed every second of it!

As you know, our kite expedition didn't work out this year, but out in the country you are never lacking in wind. The boys were treated to a fun evening of kite flying.

We have decided that this will be an annual thing, our two families getting together. It's weird when you know a person so well, and then you get to know their little "extensions." We'll definitely have to plan more of these gatherings! Now, if we could only find a way to include the Pittsburgh family!


Amanda said...

I love that picture of Charlie and the fence! That one belongs in a frame somewhere! :)

Amanda said...

Oh, I should also say, "No, I've never seen that much corn!"

Anonymous said...

Such good pictures... maybe the country mice could come to the city for the grand tour! Do people in the city wear John Deere apparel?