Friday, May 8, 2009

Living without forecasters

I have decided that I will plan my life without using the help of weather forecasters. All week I was feeling sad that Grandma H. would not be able to see Louie play for another week because it looked like Thursday was going to be the worst day of the week, as far as the rain goes. Thunderstorms all day long!

Turns out Thursday was the best day we had all week--gorgeous blue skies and warm sun rays. It was such a nice evening for a baseball game, and we were fortunate to have some fans out to support Lou again. Aunt Jill and Uncle Nick came down with Grandma and Grandpa H., and Grandma and Grandpa R. came out, as well.

I forgot my camera this time, but you can see from my snapshots of the first two, there aren't a whole lot of differences! The Dodgers played the Red Sox again, the team they lost to in the first game. It was a completely different match up this time, as neither team hit the ball very well. Lou got a single the first time up and the second time he was thrown out on a good throw over to first by the third baseman. It was a true (coach's) pitcher's duel.

The highlight of the game, for me, was when Louie was at the pitcher's position. He fielded a ball cleanly and instead of throwing the ball to the second baseman for the forceout, he ran over to the base himself. The runner was safe. You're killin' me, Smalls! I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that we have watched Sandlot twice this week...

The Dodgers won this game 1-0, possibly giving the Red Sox their first loss. After the game, as usual, Benny and Charlie joined their brother on the field for their time to hit and field...although they tend to not want to spend as much time fielding.

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Liz said...

Ok, that makemebabies thing is too weird. No way. Your kid will be way cuter... and normal looking. :)