Sunday, May 3, 2009

The First of Many

We really lucked out--we got a break in the weather and thanks to the city workers, the field was ready to be played on by game time! Louie started out playing the "pitcher" position. I put it in quotation marks because the opposing team's coach pitches to the players and all Lou had to do was field the ball. Halfway through the game he was sent out to play the outfield. When asked later, he said he preferred playing outfield.

He was 1 for 3 this game. Struck out his first at bat. Got a single his second. Then dribbled the ball in front of the plate for the third at bat and was thrown out at first.

Here he is playing pitcher. He was really into the game, which contrasted to the kids picking dandelions--classic pee-wee baseball past time. Whole game, half game = whole snowcone. In this case, a Capri-Sun and a Rice Krispie treat.

Ready to run! As you can imagine, he's pretty intense on the field.

So, the good guys lost their first game, but there are plenty more where this came from! I wasn't sure what the other teams would be like, and even though they got more hits than us, we didn't get blown away :)

Edited: I forgot to mention the best part of the game: after the Dodgers got three outs in the field, Louie would pump his fist in the air and sprint toward his team's bench. Classic.
Also, thanks to all the great fans who came out in support of Louie at his first game:
Aunt Jill and Uncle Nick, Grandpa H., Uncle Nate, Aunt Robin, Jill, Shannon and Alex, Grandma and Grandpa R., Uncle Billy, Lisa, and Josh R. He was thrilled to have you all there!

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Amanda said...

Oh, these pictures! So perfect. Can you believe your little boy is on a baseball team?!