Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun Fridays at Parky's

Our first trip out to Parky's at Winton Woods and I have my camera...sans memory card. Oh well. Hopefully we'll be back again next year! For the month of May all Fridays are dedicated to kids being able to learn more about farm life, and having fun!

We met up with Amanda, Owen and Eli, and I realized that we could have visited a mud puddle with some sticks and rocks and they would have been content. The boys have fun together no matter where we go.

We had to make a potty stop first (with me taking the lead!), which was in a building where there were a lot of learning activities going on. The boys had a bushel of fruit that they had to split up into whether they grew on a vine, a shrub or a tree. There were other activities, and a puppet show was about to begin, but these guys wanted to go outside. I didn't blame them--it was a beautiful day!

They played on the playground before we ate lunch. Then we headed over to the Barn playground, where they guys tried out some miniature tractors with pedals. That's an area where my guys need some work! They get so frustrated with pedals, but I do think that these tractors in particular were a little bit tough to push. We learned that inside the Play Barn is probably more of a good activity for the big boys rather than the little ones. Inside it looked (and smelled, thanks to the ponies right outside) like a barn, with different sections that instead of housing hay bails had slides, giant tractor wheels, and other fun stuff. There were also two rooms that were ball pits, which Charlie and Eli enjoyed immensely.

After that, we went out to see the real animals: donkeys, chickens, a giant pig, horses...I wish I would have remembered that my memory card was in the computer! Oh well, next time I'll be sure to get some shots. All in all, we had a good time and we made it home before it began to storm!

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