Monday, March 30, 2009

My Baby is Five!

In like a lion...

...and out like a lamb?

Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with celebrating Louie's 5th birthday, but we had a great time, anyway. He chose "Lions" as his theme, with his one request being that all the boys wrestle and the girls stand on the sidelines and cheer. Where does he get this stuff?

Here is the birthday boy, roaring for the camera with his godparents, Uncle Billy and Aunt Jill. I bought special face paint to do them up like lions, but their skin seemed to repel it. Instead, I used a good ol' eye liner. (Today: it isn't coming off so easily.)

Five lion "pupcakes" to sing "Happy Birthday."

Charlie decided he just wanted to eat the gummy toppings.

Benny sat patiently looking on as Lou opened gifts. He even thanked people for the gifts! Good thing about all being boys and so close in age--gifts for one, gifts for all!

Louie and his Great-Grandpa

The Birthday Boy and Grandma & Grandpa

Lion Louie and Grandpa & Grandma

As people were leaving Louie came up quietly to me, with a very sad face. No one had wrestled yet. Fortunately, Uncle Billy and Uncle Joe were overly excited to comply with the Birthday Boy's request. The uncles are 15 months apart, just like Lou and Ben, but have years experience in world of wrestling. Apparently, it was decided that this will become a tradition, ending the party with a physical contest. Can't wait until Lou turns 15 and kicks his uncles' hineys!

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Amanda said...

Seriously...those cupcakes?! Adorable! You have a future ahead of you!