Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dance, dance, dance all night long...

Louie had his last practice before his first performance Wednesday night and it went really well. He knows the dance that the kids in his age group do and actually seems excited about the first show. He received his lederhosen, socks and hat, now I just have to find him a shirt and shoes.

Ben recounted his torturous experience of dance for Daddy about 98 times while Lou was having practice. He really doesn't seem to be too traumatized, but I guess he doesn't want the focus to be all on Louie. Kev had Charlie doing the dance, too, and Charlie was really into it! We may have another boy in lederhosen on our hands this coming year :) Although, it's not too surprising, because Charlie definitely has more rhythm than his brothers and this seemed to come fairly easily to him.

It amazes me how Mr. Dave the instructor gets the kids to do the dance. This is only the third time we've gone and if you would have asked, I would have said there's no way the kids were ready to do a show. Somehow, out of the chaos came order and they all looked so cute! My place is definitely on the sidelines!

Again, the kids got their treat of a pop when they were done. Little did we know what a role that red pop would play in the next 24 hours...

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