Thursday, March 5, 2009

Show & Tell

I may have mentioned it before, but Louie's class does a cute segment each week: Alphabet Show & Tell. It's great because each week we talk about and search the house for something he'd like to bring in for the particular letter.

This week was "T" week and it was pretty much assumed he'd bring in his Tiger, his favorite of the animals he plays/sleeps with. When I picked him up Louie seemed pretty down. He wished he would have brought in his T-Rex. Apparently almost ALL the boys brought in a T-Rex (or Two) and he wanted to do the same. For someone who oftentimes does the complete opposite of what others are doing just for the sake of not doing the expected, I sometimes forget that at this age you want to be like your friends.

Just as quickly, his sadness turned to silliness when he asked if I wanted to know what Marianne brought in. My answers of "tow truck," "turtle" and "tennis ball" weren't right.

"TOILET PAPER--HA!" Apparently he thought that was the funniest and best idea ever. Probably because it was also a girl who brought it in!

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