Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Recap: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I've kind of fallen off the ball with this holiday this year. I sent my kids to school without wearing green (we may have been the only family to do so). There weren't any decorations up and just a couple hours before dinnertime I was desperately searching for some sort of Irish meal to make. I'll have to make up for it next year, but here's what happened last night:

We had shepherd's pie along with a loaf of dill bread and green hard boiled eggs. I wasn't aware that green hard boiled eggs were a St. Patrick's Day tradition, but that's what Lou told me and I went with it because they aren't too difficult to make! And then, because it was really easy and seemed to fit the theme, the boys had a scoop of rainbow sherbet. (Why do I pronounce it"sher-bert?")

Here are some of the beautiful pieces of art the boys brought home in honor of the holiday:

Louie's leprechaun

Benny's shamrock

Louie's shamrock windsock

Benny's Cat in the Hat
(not technically "St. Patrick's Day" art, but it reminds
me of my friend Tom's grandpa who always wears a green
and white one like this for SPD)

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