Sunday, March 22, 2009

The First Dance

Today was Louie first performance for the German dance group. There was a good crowd for the annual dinner the club has each spring. Louie didn't seem the least bit nervous, although we couldn't get much of a smile out of him!

Mr. Dave, the instructor

The parade of little ones before their dance begins

Louie, and his very helpful partner, Naomi

This is the dance for boys, The Fight Dance. It was so funny--when the kick is coming around the circle Louie is almost standing, waiting for it. Because of this, there's a huge gap in the circle and he has to run up to kick the boy in front of him. It was so cute!

With his part over, our little German boy takes a break.

Gloria & Louie: If it isn't obvious, one of these two is really excited about being a German dancer and the other is a very understanding child, giving in to his mom's whims.

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Amanda said...

You weren't kidding! Those lederhosen (did I spell that right?!) are adorable!!