Friday, March 20, 2009

The Next Day

It must have been a 24-hour thing because Louie woke up this morning feeling pretty good, although he only had a few sips of orange gatorade and a few animal crackers.

As the day went on, the frequency of the vomiting slowed down, with his last time being around 3pm yesterday afternoon. He barely slept the night before, or at all during the day, so from then on into the evening he was wiped out on the couch, with no stirring even though Ben and Char running and yelling around him.

I was about at my wit's end. I had plans to see a premiere of a movie that night before this all came up, and Kevin said I should still go. This was fortunate for me because I came back somewhat rejuvenated, prepared to take on Louie's sickness or all three, if need be. Charlie was already sleeping in bed. Lou was a rock on the couch, and Ben and Kev were watching Bugs Bunny. Things seemed to be under control. Thanks, Kev!

Both Benny and Charlie seem to be feeling fine. Is it possible for an illness to pass quickly through our house, affecting only one kid? (My fingers are crossed and I'm knocking on wood.)

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