Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I've been told many things:
  • Louie doesn't need to take naps anymore.
  • Split up the nap times.
  • Have Charlie sleep in his old crib until he gets used to it.
  • It'll get better.
I appreciate all the advice I'm getting, but from where I'm sitting, it won't work right now. Louie hasn't technically taken a nap in two days and what happens when this little boy doesn't get a nap is that he has a whiny, angry meltdown at dinnertime. In addition, specifically yesterday, Benny was the culprit in making sure Charlie didn't get a wink of sleep during nap time.

It makes sense to split the naps up, but 3pm has been when they all are at their breaking point. Charlie has quit his morning nap and for whatever reason has been able to keep up with his brothers until 3pm.

I'm trying to use putting Charlie in his old crib as a last resort. He needs to get used to sleeping upstairs and by giving in to him I'm not helping the transition at all. We'll see. It may come down to more necessity than struggle of wills.

I do know it'll get better, but yesterday I was about to lose it. The older two would not listen to a thing I said and the baby was pleading with me for some sleep. What's funny is that in a year I won't even have a recollection that this happened. Thank goodness for a terrible memory!


Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

OK, I decided after writing my initial comment that I wanted to change it, so I clicked on the trash can icon and now it says that "This comment has been removed by the author" so it sounds like I wrote something inappropriate! I didn't! I promise! At least not in terms of language. I did suggest drugging the children. Some might deem that inappropriate. But only people who are getting a full night's sleep. :)