Thursday, March 19, 2009

A good reason to have hardwood floors

I woke up around 1am to the sound of very loud crying coming from Lou. It isn't uncommon for the boys to wake up crying, especially Lou, and usually it's because of a bad dream. When I opened the bedroom door I realized this was different. In front of the hysterically crying little boy was a pile of red chunks. Appetizing, I'm sure.

The treat after German dance last night coated each bit that was in his tummy, but how fortunate that it wasn't going to stain carpet! It all landed on the hardwood floor in his room. The last time Louie threw up was almost two years ago, so he really has no recollection of getting sick in this manner and was rightfully freaked out by it.

Each hour after this he woke me up with his sounds of getting sick. He wouldn't go back to sleep, so I had him on the couch watching a movie. The frequency of his getting sick was getting to be too much and I couldn't stay awake. Luckily this was just a couple of hours before Kevin had to go to work and he went out on the couch with Louie to rub his belly, which settled him down.

No school for anyone today. The last thing I wanted was to either (a) have Louie or one of the others vomit in the van or (b) have Ben get sick at school. I have very vivid memories of kids who couldn't make it to the toilet puking when I was little. Ugh. We all stayed home and wore our pjs and hoped that this was a short illness, only affecting one of the boys.

Let's hope this is true!

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