Monday, March 2, 2009

Good for the soul

The Krohn Conservatory, one of our favorite places to visit, is having their spring flower show. This year is themed: The Enchanted Oasis. Amanda and her boys were recently there and said how nice it was, especially with blue-colored glass chips and large vessels filled with sand for the boys to play with.

I cannot begin to tell you how nice it is to go some place where it's actually humid, take off your coat and enjoy the warm, beautiful surroundings. The flowers are gorgeous, but I feel like the staff put together an incredible setting for those flowers. I think the must be preparing for the Butterfly Show, which this year will have butterflies from India. There were little details among the flowers that fit perfectly and are similar with what I know of Indian design.

The boys, as usual, rushed through each exhibit, but once they rushed through they went back and took a longer look at things. Three of the parts they spent the most time looking at were: the water fountain (where they tossed coins and made wishes); the blue glass chips they had fun playing with; and the cool, smooth sand they enjoyed filtering through their fingers.

Charlie did whatever his brothers did. He was so funny, running in his toddler way. Lou and Ben would call to me with something they'd found and he'd yell something to me, too, and I assume he found something good.

For these blue-eyed beauties the sun got to be too much and they wished they had caps like Grandpa's. Thank goodness that there are places that we can escape to on days that don't reach more than 20 degrees!


Amanda said...

Wow! Your pictures are so beautiful! Really, like the colors are just so vibrant! Great job! You got some amazing shots!

Amanda said...

I just looked at them again...seriously, they are great! You should try to sell the first one to the conservatory for their brochures! :) Nice job!