Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Craft Time!

At the library today Lou picked up a book on Easter crafts, which was a great idea because mommies could always use some help! Little did I know that it wasn't going to be all that easy. Apparently our house is not stocked with all the necessities that are needed for craft time. I have yet to start hoarding pipe cleaners. I do not have fiber fill laying around, and I don't have any hole-reinforcement rings (does anyone even use those anymore?). Oh, and apparently I need to search out some wallpaper remnants because more than half of the projects required that!

I finally figured out how to adapt a project to what we do have in stock. The boys were pretty excited and once we put Charlie down for a nap we got to work! We made chick Easter baskets out of paper plates, staples, twine, flowered paper, and glue. And if I break down, I'll put in some Easter grass like it calls for. Does anyone else have a problem with the Easter grass getting everywhere? They don't look anything like the illustration in the book, but they're cute (in my mommy's eyes, ha-ha).

And one last thing to add to the shopping list if you, too, aren't as well-stocked as you need to be. One project called for pull tabs. I thought for sure that this book was printed in 1971 because when was the last time you saw a pull tab? I'm assuming that they are talking about the tabs you pulled off of pop cans way back in the day. Turns out this book was printed in 1995. Hmm...

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