Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Taking a Cue from Amanda

My friend Amanda has a really great blog where she posts almost daily. That, in itself, is pretty amazing but the posts are really great, as are the pictures.

I may not be able to write as eloquently as often as she does, and I definitely won't be taking shots like she does any time soon, but the point is to write about the little things every day and when all compiled together they are a special treasure, a collection of my life together with my family, and that really is my point in doing this.

My details about Tuesday, March 15th, 2011? It's been raining almost all day. Mostly drizzling, but now it is starting to really come down at about 4pm. The good news, though, is that the temperature is rising. It might be about 50 degrees or warmer out there! The kids are eager to get out there and see how durable their rain boots are. None of the boys' old boots fit Meredith, so we went and got her own pair the other day. She will not be left out of anything!

Meredith's had a runny nose for a couple of days and that, along with the time change, have had her sleeping in rather late. I'm glad that so far there hasn't been much to stand in her way because sleep really is the best remedy for so many ailments. (I wonder if I'll be saying the same thing when she's a sleepy teenager who doesn't want to get up before noon!)

When she got up Charlie was already at school and she and I had breakfast together. She loves these bowls with a straw built right into them. She sucks up all the milk before she's had more than a couple of bites of the cereal. Then, of course, is pretty much done with the flakes. She like tangerines, though, and had some of them. Afterward, I folded clothes while she played with the blocks, put things in her purse; then curled up on the couch. She still isn't feeling well.

At school today Charlie learned all about Transportation. He told me he made a really cool painting using truck tires, but it is at school drying. I'm so happy for him that he has gotten more confident in himself and enjoys going to school. He is so proud of all the things he has accomplished this year!

When Charlie got home we had lunch, then ran errands before going to pick up Lou and Ben at school. It's such a rough time of day for the two of them. I really wish there was an easier way to get the boys home from school but there is not, so they unhappily squirm in their car seats until they either fall asleep or decide to watch a movie in the van. Today Meredith fell asleep and Charlie watched Lady and the Tramp.

After we got home from school, Mere went to her bed and Charlie crashed on the couch and now Louie and Benny are playing hockey outside with wiffle ball bats and a plastic hockey puck. I'm hoping that these equipment (instead of the real sticks and ball) won't bust out a window in the garage door. They got a really neat hockey set for Christmas, but we have yet to figure out how they can play without doing major damage involving broken glass and a ball flying out into the street while cars speed by. We have plans to take it down to the nearby tennis court that is lacking a net.

Anyway, this is nothing earth-shattering, but it's a snapshot of our day. And, hopefully the start to a better documentation of the kids.

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