Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29th


My first born and such a special, special kid. Today he is seven and it is hard for me to fathom that I have a child all grown up. When I was seven I was into Velcro gym shoes (they were cool!), Rainbow Bright and Garbage Pail Kids. He's into baseball, Star Wars and video games (of which he has none, which is probably why he's so "in" to them).

He continues to be such a sweet kid, who works hard in all he does, especially in school and sports. He can be the voice of reason amongst he friends, often sounding "wise beyond his years," which cracks me up when I get the chance to overheard it.

He loves to dance and be silly. He loves to read. He has his favorite shows and movies (Rugrats, Star Wars, Batman--the '60s version). He fights with his brothers as much as he loves playing with them. He is a such a great big brother to Meredith.

If you want to read about the day he was born, you can go here. Much has changed since that rainy Monday seven years ago, but one thing's for sure: Louie keeps getting better and better.

P.S. He is looking so much like Kevin with each passing day!

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