Monday, March 21, 2011

Is there something wrong with this?

Charlie is waiting for the boys to get home from school. It's a gorgeous, warm day and he can't wait to go outside to play with them. But while he waits...

He found a radio-type-thing, small so you can put it in your pocket or strap it on your arm when you go walking or running. It's white and a metallic blue and has all sorts of buttons on it, as well as a round screen. It has become his hand-held video game device.

The boys do not have anything like this, but they covet the ones they see their friends play with, these games that have a mixture of letters and numbers that mean nothing to me. I'm not sure if a child will be negatively affected either by playing with a hand-held device or not, but it's strange to me to be pretending to play with one.

Charlie tells me what each button is for, who all the characters are and what they can do, what weapons they have. He's come up with an interesting story, to say the least. I haven't figured out if the boys will hold a grudge against us when they're older because they were the only ones that went without.

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