Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A New Start

Today starts Lent and with it I am going to make myself commit to writing at least a blurb each of the following 40 days. Things have been hectic around here, but I'm only hurting myself (my poor memory) by not recording things about our days on this blog.

Last night we had our annual Mardi Gras gathering. The weather was mild and we spent part of the night outside, the boys playing baseball and Grandma and Grandpa making up probably the best shrimp I've ever had--coconut-beer-battered shrimp. If I can get the recipe from my mom I'll share!

I don't have any pictures from the night (which, when that happens, is probably a reason I don't blog more often), but we did pull out the video camera to catch the girls in their first film shots together. I think. We definitely don't video the kids enough!

In years past we have gotten a King Cake, but this year we did sundaes instead because Charlie won a giant sundae basket at Lou and Ben's school FunFest. And Joanie came out the winner as she had the baby in the bottom of her bowl. Well, she actually ended up biting the poor thing's leg :)

OH! And I'm very excited to share that Gracie asked me if I wanted to be Maggie's godmother. I am very honored and cannot wait for the big day!

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