Thursday, March 10, 2011


I never would have guessed that the jump from one kid in grade school and one kid in preschool, to two kids in grade school and one kid in preschool (and a crazy toddler running around) would be that big of a deal. It's been a busy year, and has gotten even more so since I decided to get involved in events at the boys' school.

I'm coordinating the art fair (which is happening today!) and next month, a recycling project/contest where the winning class gets to have dessert with Mr. Redlegs! I'm enjoying both projects immensely, but it has been keeping me on my toes, and then there's the trickle-down effect with the rest of the family. Fortunately, these are the two main things I've decided to get involved with, so after April I'll be done!

It's been nice getting to know more of the teachers and staff at Louie and Benny's school, getting to know the other parents. It's such a great place and I believe that it is not just up to the staff to make a school great--the parents have to get involved, too. For me, I guess I'm taking baby steps into full-blown involvement!

I have some last minute details to do for the art fair, so I better hop to it. Hope to have some good shots from the event to share with you!

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