Monday, March 28, 2011

City Mouse, Country Mouse

On Saturday our "friends from the farm" came to visit us. It's not like Trent and Nick don't go to the city and it's not like my kids aren't familiar with a rural setting, but the two families do live fairly different lives.

Good news: kids will find things in common and play together no matter what.

We took our friends to the Museum Center and we all had a great time. The favorite part for our guests? The Cincinnati History Museum, with the miniature replica of the city and its neighborhoods and historic landmarks with working trains and street cars. And that is the picture that I captured above.

They were excited about this picture (and running around the streetcar), but unfortunately our camera doesn't have the ability to clearly show that.

This was the first time that I had been to the Cincinnati museum since my Grandpa passed away and it was a bit tough. I have so many good memories of our outings there, especially on this street car where Grandpa and Bennie the volunteer worker sat here and talked of their memories riding the street cars while living downtown. With as many trips as we took down there, I really wish we did more of them. I guess you can never have enough. I just feel like I have more to learn from Grandpa, know about him and his life.

Anyway, enough of that sad stuff. We went through all three areas, ending up at the Children's museum. Amazingly enough, I think that part might have been the least favorite of the kids! We left after that to go home for lunch. Nick and Louie have March birthdays so for dessert the kids decorated their own cupcakes with lots and lots of toppings! Hard to see?

With lots of sugar comes lots of smiles :)

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