Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday Fun

Louie had a good day. He brought "puppy chow" in for his friends and teacher at school; he was presented with a special ribbon and pencil marking his birthday; and he came home to a poster made by Charlie and a table filled with birthday cards!

How much fun are 7-year-old, really all kids, cards? The cards he received featured sports, superheroes, cartoon characters, and even two that played music!

Charlie was so excited to show Louie the banner he made. We tried to make it like the "Star Wars" font, but it didn't work out, but we did make a Darth Vadar on it with the warning "Beware the Dark Side."

When Daddy got back from the airport we headed to Frisch's for dinner, then brought back UDF ice cream for dessert in the basement. Uncle Billy, Grandma and Grandpa joined us for the special treat while watching a spring training game between the Twins and Braves. What more could a 7-year-old ask for?

They're all saying "Happy Birthday, Louie!"

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