Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

(I downloaded this from my phone so I could be sure to have a picture to share with you!)

The boys were so excited to wake up this morning and see what mischief the leprechaun caused over night. They set a trap, and it had fallen, but there was no leprechaun to be found. What they did find was a chair and ottoman turned upside down; the coffee table upside down; their box of markers and crayons dumped out (Mommy was not happy about that!); laundry baskets dumped out; and the milk in the fridge was turned green! Where the sneaky leprechaun went, he left shiny pieces of chocolate for the kids. This was a great incentive for the boys to clean up the messes!

I'll have to update later or tomorrow about what fun things the boys did in school today for St. Patrick's Day. Everyone is wearing green and also a shamrock necklace, and bouncing off the walls with excitement. And to top it off: a high of 70 today!

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