Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day, Revisited

Non-traditional SPD meal of hot dogs, mac 'n cheese, grapes and green milk

I didn't get many other St. Patrick's Day pictures of the kids from St. Patrick's Day, but I did get a few stories out of them. Charlie went out to the playground with his class and while they were away a leprechaun came into their classroom, wreaking havoc but also left them gold coins that were actually chocolates!

Louie's class did some sort of math and science activity that involved rainbow sherbert and Skittles. Hmm. They had a good time, but I never got the full story on what they were doing.

Benny's class had stories, made special hats, and then did a categorizing activity where they each got a bag of Lucky Charms cereal and had to see how many of each piece they had.

Below are the highly anticipated pieces that the boys did in the Art Fair. These were taken before the kids got there, so no photo ops for the artists.

Benny's hand-flower-heart

Louie's magic mold fish with sand and shell

This was earlier in the evening, too, but by the night's end all the students made their impression on the Picasso quotation.

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