Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Trip to the Fire House

Benny's class visited the fire station today and he actually had a great time, although these pictures beg to differ.

The firemen do a great job of showing the kids that their job is to help them. One put on his whole suit to show them that it may seem scary at first--especially with the oxygen tank changing the sound of his voice--but that he's still their friend.

Ben didn't want to let go of my hand, but I convinced him that he could hold Miss Becky's hand, and then he didn't even want to look in my direction for a picture!

Got a different angle and tried to make it appear as though he was getting his picture taken with the fireman.

Another fireman showed the kids the inside of an ambulance. They were even allowed to go through it, but Ben stood by my side. I was somewhat surprised because you can tell from this picture how interested he was in it.

I was able to get him to let go of my hand for a brief second to take his picture in front of the truck. But he wouldn't climb in the driver's seat to have his picture taken. Or put on the coat and jacket like Lou did last year. I was glad we could get this shot...and the one below.

The whole gang climbed up on the truck's bumper for this class picture. Benny wasn't the only shy guy in the group! There were a few other that had to be coaxed into the picture. Check out the little boy, Joey, in the front. Too cute! His grandpa is an assistant fire chief and his uncle is a fireman. He has his very own gear and it's very impressive!

Benny got a hat, badge, crayons and a coloring book as souvenirs of his first field trip! When we got back to the classroom he was jumping up and down to tell Miss Sue all about the trip, completely disregarding the fact that she was there for it. I guess it just says that he's gotten very comfortable with his teachers and in his classroom, but wasn't all that comfortable at the fire house. I'm glad I could go with him--thanks, Mom!

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