Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Eggstravaganza

I want to apologize for the lack of interesting pictures. For whatever reason I fell off the ball and didn't snap a shot until all the eggs were finished! Which is really too bad because there were good moments that needed to be documented.

Benny really found his egg coloring mojo this year. Some of the stuff that he was creating was very impressive! And Charlie (with Lisa's help) made some "fine art" in the world of eggs. Louie took his egg decorating very seriously, as usual, and made some gems as well.

We had a couple of new techniques this year, one being the sponge painting, which made for some really vibrant and neatly designed eggs. Rubber bands were enjoyed once again, but luckily they weren't being used just for holding the shell onto the egg!

There's so many interesting ways to dye eggs and I already have a list of things we can do for next year--including the Chinese way of tea dying, which makes a crackled finish on the egg itself!

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Amanda said...

Don't show your boys the pictures of our eggs. Actually, I'll be sure Owen doesn't see the pictures of your eggs. We do one color and one color only. That's why your kids will be tons more creative than mine. :)