Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In rain or shine

The "crosstown" rivalry doesn't get as heated in baseball as it does in basketball, but we decided to take in the XU-UC baseball game this afternoon, even if it meant getting soggy. The benches were a bit wet, but we were prepared with a blanket to put down and umbrellas in hand (even though I am not a supporter of bringing umbrellas to sporting events--good thing the stands weren't packed!).

As we were walking to the bleachers a foul ball was hit right toward us and Louie snagged it. No one made a move to ask for it back so I didn't say anything to him right then. After we got to our seats I thought we should probably go down and give it to someone. I imagine colleges don't work souvenir balls into their budgets, especially when I saw someone navigating through the woods to find a foul ball. Louie and I walked down to a tent that was set up behind the backstop that housed the announcer and scorekeeper. I prompted Louie to hand them the ball, which he did, reluctantly. I thought we'd then head back to our seats, but he just stood there, waiting for some sort of reward, I suppose. It's hard for that kid to give up a ball.

Benny, Charlie, Grandma, Louie and Uncle Paul

The boys had a great time, although that wasn't too surprising! But their favorite part might have been the songs played before each player got up to bat. They were rocking out in the bleachers!

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