Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Day

When the boys wake up their first duty is to find their baskets that the Easter bunny hid for them. There is no rhyme or reason as to where their baskets are hidden, but there are tags on the baskets so you know if it's yours or not. It was somewhat difficult this year, but I imagine that was good because it meant they weren't gobbling candy from the second they woke up.

Unless your name is Charlie. The Easter Bunny must not have thought Charlie was a good finder because it took less than 3 seconds for him to find his basket, and then there was tin foil flying. He loves chocolate.

Finally all the boys found their baskets and I was able to take this shot of them with their special gift of frog umbrellas. Although Lou tells me they're really toads.

After getting all hopped up on sugar we headed to church and I still don't believe it, but they were incredibly good at Mass. It was packed, as usual on special days, so we had to sit near the front in one of those churches with a long aisles. There's pretty much only one way in and out--no easy way to escape when little boys are acting up. Good thing we didn't need to worry about it!

Charlie, showing his willpower in not touching the sugar cookies. It really was pretty impressive. This kid has a mouth full of sweet teeth!

The boys had a blast playing ball with the older boys at Kevin's grandparents' house, where we were for lunch. They're all about 12-years-old and they had no problem keeping up with them!

Four generations: Our next stop was to Great-Grandpa's assisted living home for dinner. It's a brand-new facility and had a great meeting room for us to gather in. The boys had fun coloring the special magic coloring books that Aunt Jill and Uncle Nick gave them.

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