Monday, April 13, 2009

False Labor

Driving home last night from Kevin's family's Easter was a painful trip. I was so incredibly uncomfortable and cramping--both in my lower back and front--that I thought for sure that I was going into labor! It was a scary thought--I didn't even have the baby's clothes washed yet! and the baby's room is currently cultivating our vegetable seedlings--but I didn't take it too seriously because changing positions helped some and that's a sign of false labor.

My friend, Jamie, is currently being induced, so all I could think was that I was having sympathy pains. We just are not ready for Baby4 to be here yet!

But I could be doing this to myself. I spent the whole day telling people that I was only 7 weeks away from delivering, but I'm actually 8 weeks away (today I'm at 32). I'm all confused because I thought last week would have been 8 weeks (= 2 months) because it was April 8th and I'm due June 8th. I haven't figured out the calendar system yet.

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