Friday, April 17, 2009

Why are birds scared of people?

Lou asked me this question today and seeing how I keep forgetting all these great conversations we have in the van, I wanted to type this one before it escaped my head.

I told him that we're a lot bigger and different than birds, and sometimes people and animals are afraid of what they're not familiar with. He seemed to think this was a good answer, so I kept going with it. "But the more they get used to things that look different, they'll realize that they're nice and that they actually have a lot in common."

Lou responds with, "Is it like when I first met Gloria and Lexi and I was afraid of them?"

Yes, Lou, girls are another species, one to be afraid of because they are so different. Maybe we do need to have a sister so they don't think that girls are aliens.

The above conversation happened on the way to the park and this is what we talked about on the way home:

I was telling Lou that we were going to watch a baseball game tonight. Grandpa's friend is a coach for a local high school team called the Blue Devils and what better way is there to spend a Friday evening?

For whatever reason, Lou was unsure if he wanted to go. "I don't want to watch them if they're brown people," he said.

What?! Where did I go wrong? I thought Kevin and I were doing a pretty good job of making sure the boys accept people for who they are, that differences in the way people act and look are not wrong, just different. I couldn't believe he just said that!

I tried to get him to repeat what he said (his seat is on the bench in the back of the van), and I heard the same thing. Goodness. But then he says something else, I can't remember exactly, but I realized he wasn't saying "brown" but "round" and he was referring to mascots like "Mr. Redlegs," "Rosie Red," and "Gapper." He didn't want to go to a game where there were characters playing. Boy! was I wrong. I have no idea where he got that that was even a possibility, except that maybe he thought a "blue devil" was a mascot. Who knows!

But I'm also not sure what problem he has with watching a bunch of mascots play baseball, either.

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