Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Preparation

It's somewhat tough to not know what gender of baby is living in your tummy while you're pregnant. If it's a boy, I'd like to get something new and possibly blue for the baby to wear coming home from the hospital, whereas if it's a girl I'll need lots and lots of stuff! On second thought, it's probably a really good idea I don't know what gender it is!

With the fourth there isn't a whole lot of stuff needed...maybe some diapers and wipes, but the majority of things will be hand-me-downs and stuff that's easily reusable. So when my friend Amanda pointed out this onesie to me when we were at a museum the other day I just had to have it.

Perfect! It can work with either a boy or girl baby and fits our family well. (P.S. Kevin thought it was hilarious.)

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