Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Field Trip Day

We headed to Glenwood Gardens for Louie's class field trip. It is a favorite park of ours so I, too, was excited about the trip! It used to be a cow pasture and the family who owned it donated to the county parks system. It has been a preservation area, with no picnic tables or "playgrounds," per se, but some good ol' fashioned playing is had here. Last March this is the park where we tried out our new rain boots and had a blast!

We went to a part of the park we haven't been to before, Highlands Discovery Park. It's a learning park and you need special admission. Before playing, the people at Highlands put on an amphibian presentation, where the kids learned about metamorphosis.

Louie's class, enjoying a snack before the program began.

A giant frog came out to talk to the kids. They were all inducted into the "Frog and Toad Society." She was great! I learned a lot :) Afterward, Louie said, "That frog wasn't fooling me. I knew there was a woman in there." I had to bite my tongue. She did a good job of making everyone think she thought she was a frog--I swear, she even ate a mealworm!

One of our favorite storybooks--the Frog and Toad series.

The kids had so much fun running through this giant tree.

Drew and Louie in the giant catapillar

The park was filled with little trains and elf towns. This is a fairy village.

Louie's teacher trusted me with four kids! Here are Louie, Drew, Marianne and Catherine. I got a taste of what it would be like to have a little girl. Louie said afterward, "Mom, girls talk A LOT."

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Amanda said...

I can't believe Lou's never said that about Owen! :) Where is this park? And you can only get in the Discovery part with a group? And, seriously, a meal worm?! That's a level of authenticity I'm not sure she needed to go to.