Friday, April 3, 2009

Another reason to love duct tape

I'm sure I've posted something about Charlie's extreme dislike for footwear, including socks. Today I just about lost it. The boys are getting ready for their big weekend with Uncle Hoggie and Charlie doesn't realize that he's not invited. This does not stop him from going through the same process his older brothers are to get prepared.

He's put on his socks and shoes (amazingly!), then grunted to me that he wanted help putting on a jacket. He was getting annoyed with one of the shoes because it wouldn't stay on. What actually was happening was that these hand-me-down shoes may have seen their last days because the velcro is separating from the strap.

Before launching the shoe out the window I turned to a trusty tool: duct tape. I ripped off a good sized piece and wrapped it around his foot, securing the loose strap. I had always joked that I was going to use duct tape to keep his shoes on, but I had envisioned the tape going around his shoe as well as his ankle to ensure it wasn't coming off. It worked perfectly just going around the shoe, and he seems fine with it!

Of course, he hasn't realized yet that he isn't part of this special weekend. Sorry, kid.

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