Friday, April 17, 2009

Gone with the wind

Katie had the day off so we wanted to do something we've planned to do all spring: fly kites. Last year we went down to Lunken for our excursion, but we decided to head over to Ault Park this year. It wasn't so much the change in location as I think it was the timing. If we went earlier in the spring (I really thought we went in March last year, but I guess it was early April) there would be more wind. Today was just too beautiful and sunny of a day to fly kites. It was more of a day to sit on a bench in a park and take in the warm sunrays. Or, at least that's what I wanted to do!

At the beginning I was determined to get the kites off the ground. Then I realized that running made the baby jump up and down on my bladder. Not good. I'm just glad that I was in control of the camera. It would not have been a pretty site to see me running across the grass!

Don't leave this guy out of anything!

Happy to be hanging out with cousin Katie.

Louie decided he had enough of me embarrassing myself and took the reins.

Katie and Alice working so hard to make this work!

Benny following Louie's lead.

Finally, we decided to give up and play baseball. Thank you Katie for volunteering to be the pitcher!

Time for naps! We took one more picture with Great-Aunt Mary

So, our chances for having a successful kite outing were nil with no wind, but all in all it was still such a nice day. Definitely what we needed after a long, chilly and wet week!

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