Tuesday, April 15, 2008


(Is that the spelling of the sound of a fire truck?)

Today was a fun day for Louie because we went on a very special field trip with his preschool class. We went to the fire station! We had the van loaded up with Lou and four other students along with Miss Sue and we headed down the road to Sycamore's fire house (with all those car seats, we would have gotten there quicker by walking).

Each mom and teacher had the hands of two students--just in case there was a call while we were there. And you know what? Five minutes into the field trip the alarms went off and I think I was more startled than the kids! We ran over to stand behind a line we were instructed to go in just such a situation, and watched as the guys suited up and drove away.

Luckily, there were a couple of guys left to show us their ladder truck. They let the kids try on their gear and hold the equipment (all except for the chain saws, axes, sledge hammers, and jaws of life). It must have been a minor emergency because soon the guys were back and they took us to the next part of the tour--their living quarters! (Can you tell this was all very fascinating to me?) The kids had a hard time comprehending that the fire fighters slept there, and thought it was really cool that they had a kitchen and watched SpongeBob on a big screen tv.

He really is having a good time--it's his tough guy fireman look.

The gear is incredibly heavy--and big!

Soon the trip was over and on the way out the firemen gave the kids coloring books about fire safety and their very own Sycamore fire fighter's badge. After dropping the rest of the kids off at school, Louie and I went to have lunch with Benny, Charlie, Gloria, Drew, and Maria. It was a good day.

This is Ben the fireman. They made a big deal out of showing how he is a normal guy in protective gear. It didn't occur to me that kids will hide from firefighters because they are scared of them. These guys did a great job!

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Amanda said...

Great pictures! Stay-at-home mom turned photojournalist, perhaps?! The one of Lou and the helmet is perfect!