Monday, April 27, 2009

A Perfect Day

We bought tickets a while back for Sunday's game, when they were giving out "gold gloves" in honor of the award Brandon Phillips received for last season. Little did we know how great the day would be! The weather was perfect and the Reds were close to it, with an 8-2 win over the Braves!

Missy, J.T., Louie, Charlie, Benny, Alice & Emma

The boys in front of our beloved '90 Reds

All lined up in front of Jay Bruce--he had two home runs!

It was Miami Alumni day and the "Red Hawk" came out to visit with Mr. Redlegs

Charlie, Ben & J.T. weren't sure what to think of him

Mr. Redlegs made some friends by spraying them down with a watergun

While Ben was sleeping on my lap I got this shot of the guys

REDS WIN! We're such good luck charms for the Reds. They should give us season tickets so they can be assured a good season :)

Always the last ones to was a good day.

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